How Do We Increase Our Faith?

Scripture: “Therefore the Pharisees also asked him how he had received his sight. ‘He put mud on my eyes,’ the man replied, ‘and I washed, and now I see’.” – John 9:15

In John chapter 9, we learn about a man who was born blind. Jesus spits on the ground and makes mud out of his saliva, and puts it on the man’s eyes. Then he tells the man to go wash in the Pool of Siloam and the man comes back with his seeing restored.

As with our reading yesterday, the Pharisees and Jewish priests refuse to believe in spite of all of the miracles that Jesus is performing. The blind man, in contrast, was very open. For me this event highlights an important principle of the kingdom of God. Those who are open to receiving the Lord, are the ones who are open to his blessings. No belief – no blessing.

When Jesus put mud on the blind man’s eyes, the man didn’t hurl insults back at Jesus for putting mud and spit on his eyes. Instead, he was humble, and he obeyed Jesus. He went down to the pool and washed as Jesus asked him to. And his blessing was revealed as his sight was restored.

Washing in the pool was a very small act. It didn’t take much effort. But it did require him to do the very thing that Jesus asked him to do. It required him to be obedient to what Jesus asked of him. And so it is with our lives. If we humble ourselves before the Lord and seek his face, we are open to hearing what God asks us to do. And if we are obedient to what he asks of us, then He will bless us beyond our wildest dreams.

This man born blind never imagined that he would ever see. Imagine the total amazement and joy to have never seen and to be able to see for the first time. It had to be overwhelming. And the result of his blessing was increased faith. When the Pharisees tried to convince him that Jesus was not good, there was no way that he was going to agree with them. I would expect that nothing that anyone said was going to deter his belief in Jesus.

Mud into Miracles – All We Need is a Little Spit

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This is a great pattern that we can apply in our everyday lives. We seek God, ask for His guidance, and then do whatever it is that He asks us to do. No matter how big or how small, no matter if it makes sense to us or not – don’t question it, just do it. And we can watch God turn mud into miracles in our lives.

Dear heavenly Father, thank you for such a great Word this morning and for your supernatural revelation. We seek you first. Help us to hear your voice, and to do whatever it is that you ask us to do. Help us to not question it, and to just obey you Lord. For your ways are not the ways of this world. Let your truth be known and your light shine. Pour out upon us your blessings your humble and faithful servants, that others will see your goodness and draw closer to you – not for our glory, but for your glory, in Jesus mighty name. Amen.


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