Month: January 2019

Perspective – Wise in the Word

Stephen was filled with the Holy Spirit. A man of purpose. A man with clarity. That is why he was such a threat to the high priest and Sanhedrin. It’s a sad thing when church leaders don’t do a good job of supporting those in the church filled with the Holy Spirit because it does

You Can’t Stop God

This is the famous story of how the apostles were put into jail and then during the night an angel of the Lord opened the doors and brought them out of the jail. In the morning they went out to the temple courts and continued to preach. When the high priest and their associates heard

Knowing the Truth – Faith

Isn’t it interesting how someone acts when they know something with 100% certainty? I saw one of my boys do something that they were not supposed to be doing the other day. When I questioned him what he was doing he denied it emphatically. When I told him that I saw him do it, he

Being Still So God Can Win

Are you facing something in your life that seems a little heavy? Is the enemy against you? Maybe it is the enemy inside, anxiety, depression, bitterness, stress? I have good news – the Lord will fight for you! And there is no one you would rather have fighting your battles than the one who is

Waiting On A Miracle?

Parents look out for us even when we don’t know it. That is what they do. And they don’t tell us every time that they help us, they often just do it behind the scenes. Similarly they discipline us for doing wrong, and make us do chores and different things to prepare us for what

The Love of a Father

All of the way up through death on the cross, Jesus was concerned for our salvation. He questioned if this is what people did while the tree was still green (i.e. while Jesus was still here on earth) what would they do when the tree is dry (how bad will it be when he is

God Uses The Broken

Moses was raised as one of Pharaoh’s own (Exodus 2). When he was younger he had it all. Isn’t it interesting how Moses replies when God calls him from the burning bush? Who am I to be called to this? He was broken. You know if Moses had stayed in Egypt, would he have even