Month: October 2018

Happy Halloween?

Whether or not to observe Halloween can be a controversial topic in the Christian faith. Some Christians see it as innocent and harmless, while others are convinced it is a satanic holiday that celebrates the worship of demonic spirits. What are we to do? Image courtesy of: WoofBC Scripture: “You have let go of the

Building Up Our Faith!

Faith is at the very core of our success in this life. It is at the very core of anything and everything that we say or do. It is the foundation our relationships, of our ability to perform in our careers, or in our hobbies. It is the very thing that gets us through the

Who Is In Control?

Jesus and his disciples were in a boat going to the other side of the water. And as Jesus was down beneath resting, a wicked storm came upon them. And the storm was so furious that the disciples were convinced that they were going to capsize and all drown. And as the waves broke over

Outside Of The Box

Have you ever had an amazing idea that everyone else thinks is crazy? Have you ever been described as an out of the box thinker? Sometimes being described as an out of the box thinker is meant to be a compliment, while others use it as a polite way to let you know that they

I Told You So

We all hate to hear it. And when we do, it often cuts to the bone. It is a comment that is made to us after we fail to heed the wisdom of a trusted friend or advisor, and then the very thing that they warned us about comes to pass. And the worst part

Are You Out Of Your Mind?

The wisdom and power that comes from God our Father and our Lord Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit is absolutely amazing. When we are in God’s Presence, we can experience peace and joy like never before, and at the most unexpected times. Scripture: “At this point Festus interrupted Paul’s defense. ‘You are out of

The Law of Connection

We’ve heard it said that people don’t care what you say until they know that you care. This saying reflects the law of connection that John Maxwell often refers to in his study of leadership examples throughout scripture. The law of connection is this: “Leaders touch a heart before they ask for a hand.”┬áBy the

Sometimes You Have To Move On

Paul was chosen by Jesus Christ himself to share the gospel. If there were ever a person clear of their purpose, it was Paul. And during his time and ministry, he was able to bring many people to know the Lord. But there were some people who just refused to be open to his teachings.

Hope Through It All

Diamonds are formed when coal is placed under tremendous heat and pressure. When a blacksmith is making a great sword, he forges it in fire and and then sharpens it by slowly and methodically grinding away the rough edges. During times when we are feeling the heat, and pressure, it is important to understand that

All Are Welcome

I spent the day yesterday in the great outdoors. The weather was beautiful and I had the day free to relax and do some things in the yard. Before going inside, I checked my boots for dirt and mud by the door, and took special note of the mat just outside the door. While it