Month: May 2019

God’s Precious Irrevocable Gifts And Calling

Today’s scripture is so simple, yet so profound. When God gifts us and calls us, the Bible says those gifts and that calling are irrevocable. How can we add some context to this, let’s first look at what irrevocable means. Some synonyms are irreversible, unalterable, unchangeable, immutable, final, binding, permanent, carved in stone; defines

God of All Who Call on Him

God is Lord of all. God does not discriminate. That means He doesn’t care if you are Jew or Gentile, Lutheran, Baptist, Church of Christ, male or female, tall, short, young, old, white, brown, orange, or blue. God richly blesses ALL who call on Him. Image courtesy of: Leiduowen Scripture: “For there is no difference between

Life Lessons And God’s Word

There is so much that we can focus on in life. We grow up, go to school, maybe even to college. Some people get their masters or doctors degrees studying some field to help prepare or advance in their career. And this education serves us well. It helps us know what to do so that

Gospel Means Good News

A very well-known preacher today Joel Osteen often uses the phrase “more than conquerors”. There are many other preachers who reference similar scriptures in their core message. They are often labeled prosperity preachers and receive much ridicule due to their successful ministries. And while I totally agree that there is more to the Bible than

Sin And The War Within

Even when we seek the Lord and do our best to walk in His ways, we still are constantly being challenged with thoughts and temptations that are not of God. We are reminded in scripture that in this world there will be trouble. It can be something as simple as laziness, apathy, or lack of

Surrendering Fully And Letting God Drive

Life happens. Good things happen, and bad things happen. And as a result, people are shaped and changed by these circumstances. A common saying is, “what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.” While this might be true, it is not always true. Sometimes life changes us for the worse. It hardens us, steals our peace,