Month: September 2018

Addictions, Passions, Or Idols?

Addictions. We all know someone who has them. That someone might even be us. What is the key to overcoming addictions? What is the key to breaking things that consume us? When we trust in God, there is nothing that we cannot overcome. There is no hardship that we cannot face. There is no sorrow

Patient Endurance

Maybe it’s just me, but doesn’t it seem like life is busier than ever?  And time just seems to go faster and faster and faster. And our responsibilities seems to get bigger and bigger and bigger. In the middle of all of the insanity, there is a place of perfect peace. It is also a

We Will Stand Upon The Word

There are times in life when everything just seems to be going our way. We might have a good income, more than enough food on the table, we feel healthy, and maybe we are getting some long-overdue recognition at work or at home. And there are times in life when things don’t seem to be

The Devil Among Us?

In the book of Revelation, we read about the great battle between good and evil. More specifically, it is between the devil and his army, and Michael who leads God’s angel army. The good news is that God won, and the devil and his angels were hurled down from heaven to the earth. The bad

God Can Use Whoever, and Whatever

In this chapter of Ezekiel, we read about how God was using the most fierce and ruthless army of that time to bring down Egypt. No this is not your feel-good story about how a people were saved because they turned to God. Instead, it is a prophesy about a historical event where Egypt is

Protecting our Relationship With God

Back in the days of Ezekiel, Judah was in a bad state. The nation was thoroughly corrupted. The nation’s leadership, and the people in general, were dishonest and filled with greed and self-interest. The priesthood had also failed. The prophets were claiming peace when God was bringing war. They were predicting victory, when God had

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

In the U.S., Labor Day is called the “unofficial end of summer”. For many it is the final weekend before school gets started again, and often when people take their final vacation for the year. It is also a time in the U.S. that marks the beginning of football season, when both NCAA and NFL

Learning To Fall Like A Cat

Did you ever notice how cats always land on their feet? You can throw them up in the air, even kind of spin them as you toss the, but they always stick the landing. It’s really quite amazing. If you did the same thing to a dog, they would land smack on their belly or