Month: September 2018

Passion, Purpose, and Fruit

John The Baptist is truly a pioneer of faith. To some he may have seemed a little radical. He lived alone in the desert, wore camel hair and a leather belt, and ate locusts and wild honey. But his clarity of purpose and passion that drove such “radical” behavior is exactly what made him so

The Impact Of Our Daily Actions

Does what we do everyday as believers really have an impact? Does it really make a difference? I mean, we are not all mega-pastors, powerful government leaders, or famous people who reach millions each time they decide to speak. As believers in the Lord Jesus Christ, we can be confident that this answer is 100%

Let Us Hear and Answer The Call

When God sent Gabriel to tell Mary  that she was going to become pregnant, she asked “how could this be?” This was a totally reasonable question given that she was a virgin. This went against everything that she had learned about the conception of a child. It was beyond her understanding. But Mary responded perfectly

Life Giving Water

This weekend I had the pleasure of doing some work outdoors. After just 5 minutes in the hot sun however, sweat was pouring down my skin. And after a couple hours I was completely drenched. I could feel the heat on the back of my neck and on my arms. I was hot, and needed

Where Is The Temple In Revelations 21?

In Revelation 21, John describes a place with no temple. Is John encouraging us to not have church? Fortunately that is not the case. And I am especially happy about this because as soon as I get done with today’s journal entry, I am heading to church! Scripture: “I did not see a temple in

We All Have Tattoos!

Oh no, am I really going to broach the subject of tattoos? There has been so much debate in the church over this. For many, it is a gray area. The Old Testament in Leviticus says, no ink. But in the New Testament, we all know that Jesus came to help us understand what really

The Promises of the Shepherd

The Lord is often referred to in the Bible as our shepherd, and we as His sheep. Ezekiel 34 is one of these places in scripture that gives us some insight as to what it means to be part of the flock. In this great scripture, we learn about the role of the shepherd and

Are We Prepared For The Blessing?

In this chapter we read about Daniel and his ability to interpret dreams. This is an amazing gift that saved his life, the lives of others, and allowed him to rise to great status with the king. But his gift would not have been used if he were not in a position to utilize it.