Chosen – Walking Faithfully with God

God was so hurt that all of mankind was corrupt the he set out to reboot the earth, to basically wipe the hard drive clean. But one man found favor with God. Noah walked faithfully with God. Two significant things to note: (1) Noah walked with God. He spent time with God, walking with Him all of the time, and (2) Noah did this faithfully. Noah trusted God, and he walked in relationship with Him without fail.  And because of this, God chose Noah. God chose Noah to survive the destruction of the world, and to save both mankind and the creatures of the earth.

Image courtesy of: Damian Gadal

“Noah was a righteous man, blameless among the people of his time, and he walked faithfully with God” – Gen 6:9

If we want to be used by God, if we want to be chosen and have our calling made clear, we need to walk faithfully with God. We need to seek the Lord first and foremost, with all our heart, soul, mind, ad strength. Some of the ways that I strive to do this is by reading scripture and journaling daily, first thing in the morning when the world is still sleeping so that the world doesn’t get a chance to ruin the chance of me getting my day started on the right foot. This allows me to spend time with God every day, with no exception. Keeping this commitment is critical to my daily routine. It is a solid foundation for each day that I face.

I am also finding myself asking God questions that I need answered. More and more when a question comes up, especially for matters of the heart, I just ask God should I do “a.___” or “b.)___”. And there are times often when God just immediately tells me what to do. Then I just need to be obedient and do whatever He says. That is the next trick, learning to be obedient and letting God rule over me – listening to what God is telling me to do versus what my body, my mind, my pride, or my emotions might be telling me to do.

I am always seeking new ways to improve my walk with God, and being in and aware of His holy presence. I will continue to ask my brothers and sisters in the Lord how they do it, and learn and try everything that I can in order to do this better. I will seek people who are successful and wise, and take advice from them. I will ask pastors how they do it, how they view things, and how they “see God”. He is everywhere (omnipresent). He is in each and every one of us. And I know that walking in His Presence starts with daily habits, I know the difference is finding these daily things that we need to do to draw closer to Him, and then figuring out how to hold myself accountable to doing these things daily.

What do you do to keep yourself close to God and walk in His presence all throughout the day? Help someone out by sharing your tips an suggestions here! We are anxious to know!

Dear heavenly Father, thank you for this Word today. Thank you for finding favor in Noah and choosing him to save mankind and the creatures of the earth. Thank you for sending your Son Jesus Christ to give us an example of how we might live, and so that we too might find favor in your eyes, and that we might be chosen and used by you. For we know the plans you have for us are for good, plans for us to prosper and not be harmed, plans to give us hope and a future. Help us to walk faithfully with you Lord, and be present with you throughout all the days of our lives.  We ask this in the name of your Son, Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


Photo By Damian Gadal

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