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King Herod Agrippa 1st was not a man of God. Instead, he thought he was a god. He was part of a long lineage of men who did not fear God. He was the grandson of Herod the Great who was ruling when Jesus was born and who ordered that all the male babies to be executed in Bethlehem. And he was the son of King Herod Antipas who ordered the beheading of John the Baptist. And now he had just killed James, the brother of John, with a sword. This is also the King Herod who had Peter arrested because he wanted to please the Jews, rather than please God. But an angel of the Lord appeared in the night and the chains fell off Peter, and the angel walked him right out of prison as the cell gates opened for them. Enraged by this, Herod had the 16 guards executed who had been on duty. Clearly this man did not fear God.

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“They shouted, ‘This is the voice of god, not of a man’.” – Acts 12:23

And now this Herod is appearing in Caesarea before the crowd who lifted him up as a god among men. But because of his ways and because he did not give glory to God, an angel of the Lord struck him down, “and he was eaten by worms and died.” (Acts 12:23). This pattern is documented in the Bible so many times throughout history. When man thinks himself above God like Herod and Pharaoh, they are shown that they are not gods and that there is only one true God.

This is a great lesson in humility. When we know that God is our source of power, of wisdom, of strength, it is easy to give God the glory. When we don’t know God, it is easy to think that we are totally in control here on Earth, and that everything is by our power and wisdom and strength.

As God blesses us in this life, let us never take for granted the life that God breathed into our lungs, the gift of all creation, and all that we have. Let us always remember to give Him the glory, and be thankful for the work of His hands.

Dear heavenly Father, we give all honor and glory to You. We thank you for Your Word today. We know that Your Word reveals to us exactly what we need to hear. Thank you for blessing me and my family so richly Lord. Let me be humble Lord in my heart, and ever thankful that You see fit for my family to be blessed. We continue to walk with you Lord, and teach our children to know You and desire You deeply. We bless Your Name father God, and receive with open hearts all that you desire for us. Let our lives be pleasing to You. We pray to you and receive all of Your goodness, in Jesus mighty name, Amen.

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