Asking For Direction

In Acts 22 we read another amazing journey of the apostle Paul. When Paul comes to an encounter with Jesus resurrected, Paul asks, “who are you?’. When we he learns is it Jesus he asks, ‘what shall I do?” And Paul was given direction. In this case Paul is given life altering direction, and revelation. 

“‘What shall I do Lord’? I asked. – Acts 22:10

What can we learn from these simple words from Paul? How can we receive direction from God?

(1) Know the Lord – How do we do this? Spend time in the Word. This is how we get to know God. God gave us two things after Jesus left this earth and returned home. First he gave us the scripture, the Bible. Scripture was Paul’s foundation. Knowledge was Paul’s foundation. People perish for lack of knowledge. In the Bible we get to learn all about Jesus, who shows us how to live, and shows us the Way back to our Creator, our Father, in heaven. You know talking to God is kind of a common sense thing to do as well. When you were a kid, and things weren’t going well, or you wanted something, or when you wanted to understand something, you asked your parents a question, right? My kids not only ask me for things continually, but they like to talk to me and tell me everything about everything. In the same Way, we should talk to God. He wants to hear from us about anything and everything.

(2) We have been given the Holy Spirit – which is God in us. The same power that rose Jesus from the grave, the same power that commands the dead to wake, lives in us, just like that great lyric in the Jeremy Camp song. This same Holy Spirit gives us power, direction, and protection. And in Paul’s question, “what shall I do?”, through prayer he is given specific direction. And as followers of Christ when we pray from the heart, we can pray this same prayer to God and receive direction. I am surrounded by people who hear from God all of the time. When I have questions in life at home, at work, wherever, I find exactly what I need to handle the situation through God’s Word. Even things that I am completely unaware of, but that are impacting me, are revealed through God’s Word too. These revelations happen all of the time. And if God reveals these things to a sinner like me, I’m sure that He will reveal things to you too!

I know this is how God works. You just have to believe. You have to know. My wish for you today is that you come to know Jesus, and that you come to know his peace, his love, his security, his power, his riches, his glory, his Way. And I pray that when you seek the Lord, that you will hear His voice, and heed his direction.

Dear heavenly Father, we give all honor and glory to You Lord. Thank you for Your Word this morning. We ask that You come into our hearts and give us a strong desire to know You Lord, and that you give us the strength and direction to walk the path with You. Help us to follow in Your Way, and give us the courage to face whatever life here on earth brings to us. Build up our faith that we can live in your blessings, on earth as in heaven. We surrender fully to you and declare you as ruler over our hearts and our lives. Let your Holy Spirit overflow in us, in Jesus mighty name, Amen.

Today’s full reading: Leviticus 25; Psalm 25,26; Acts 22

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