Leading Change – Step 1

When we study the field of leading change, there are definitely principles that apply across the numerous experts and their various models. John Kotter, a distinguished professor of leadership at Harvard Business School and New York Times best-selling author, is one of these thoughts leaders in the fields of business, leadership, and change. And as I think about today’s scripture, it is so easy to see how these principles and celebrated research and discoveries can be directly traced back the Word of God. And it’s refreshing to see various thought leaders reinforcing the valuable lessons from the Bible, whether on purpose or by accident.

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“As it is written in Isaiah the prophet: ‘I will send my messenger ahead of you, who will prepare your way’.” – Mark 1:2

The first step in Kotter’s model of leading change is to “establish a sense of urgency”. In this way, John the Baptist played a critical role in the transformation of the church as we know it today by preparing the way for the One who was to come. He prepares the way and starts opening people’s minds to what is coming. He gets people thinking differently and starts changing perspectives. This was the start of the change and preparation for Jesus who was to come and change the world. He creates a sense of urgency by declaring what is to come, and proclaiming that others repent, ” for the kingdom of heaven has come near.” (Mark 3:2). He was, “A voice of one calling in the wilderness” – (Mark 1:3).

Others thought John the Baptist a little crazy. Often when you are doing something worthwhile, you will be considered a little different. Some might think you are crazy. You might even be alone, both physically or even in thought. But this didn’t even phase John. And as a follower of Christ you are never alone. God is with you. Some people will support you and many will probably cast you aside or treat you with contempt. Have faith. Follow your calling your unique God given purpose. Don’t concern yourself too much about what others think of you. It’s more important to care most about what God, our Creator, our Maker, thinks of us. So go ahead and be that one person dancing by themselves, following God’s call in your life. Your dreams will come to pass. Your purpose will be fulfilled. And you will have rest and peace, in Jesus name.


Dear heavenly Father, thank you for this Word today. Let it fill our hearts and minds. Help us to walk in Your Presence. Help us to use the unique gifts and talents that you have given us, and to follow your call in our lives. Help us to prepare the way for others to find you Lord. Let us fix our eyes on You. Use us Lord for your glory. Fill us with all of your goodness, and mercy, and peace, and love, and health, and power, and strength – everything this is good and holy. We know that you intended for us these things, and we thank you Lord and receive these gifts now, in Jesus mighty name. Amen.

Today’s full reading: Numbers 10,11; Psalm 27; Mark 1

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