Month: April 2019

Fruit Inspection And Discernment

So what is the difference between inspecting and judging? Let’s look at the two definitions. To inspect means to “look at someone or something closely – to observe”. The definition of judging is to “form an opinion or conclusion about” someone or something. So it is very different to observe and gather information and to

Secrets And Our True Motivations

There is so much wisdom in Matthew 6. It talks about a variety of things like doing good to others, giving to the needy, prayer, fasting, priority, and worry. But today I want to focus on a theme that weaves itself throughout the whole chapter, and it has to do with our inner motivations for

It’s What’s Inside That Matters

In Matthew 5, we get to read about one of Jesus’ most famous teachings, the Sermon on the Mount. In this chapter, Jesus does NOT teach about methods, or “how-to’s” like 5-steps on how to do something. But instead Jesus focuses on heart matters, and on what is inside of us. He talks about the

How to Fight Off Enemy Attacks

In Matthew Chapter 4 we learn about the time when Jesus was tempted by Satan in the wilderness. During his three temptations, in all cases, Jesus fought off evil, the power of the devil, and Satan himself, with scripture. In every case, Jesus responded by saying, “It is written”, then followed up with some scripture.

John the Baptist – Repentance

John the baptist was bold and direct, calling out even the Pharisees and even King Herod when necessary. He was able to do so because he had a very simple ministry and message. Because it was not overly complex it was easy to not get tangled in all of the discussions and shenanigans of society.

Life Struggles And Battles

Today we are looking at the great historical event of David defeating Goliath the 9’9″ tall Philistine. Goliath’s armor weighed about 125 pounds, and the head of his spear 15 pounds. David couldn’t even wear armor because he wasn’t used to it. In 1 Samuel 17:48 we read that David, “quickly ran toward the battle

God Knows The Heart

Throughout the Bible, one of the key messages that stands out is that God knows your heart. It is the heart that matters. Being right before God is a matter of the heart. Nothing can be hidden from Him. I listed a few in the supporting scriptures section below, but I am sure there are

God’s Grace And Cool Cars

Today’s scripture is one that makes sense logically, but resonates deeply when you experience it first-hand. It is also the inspiration behind the chorus of Matt Maher’s hit song, “Your Grace Is Enough”. In case you are not familiar with it, here are some of the lyrics: Great is Your faithfulness, oh God You wrestle

Deception and Satan’s Masquerade

Paul reminds us that Satan is the ultimate deceiver. Satan even masquerades as an angel of light. He tries to look like God, so that you will follow his wicked ways. He deliberately tries to confuse you, and mislead you. The dictionary defines masquerade as “a false show or pretense.” Synonyms include, “pretense, deception, pose,