Month: May 2019

Choosing Our Friends And The Rule Of Five

If you have ever have ever heard of the law of five, it goes like this: take the average of your five closest friends, and you will become the average of those five emotionally, financially, socially, spiritually. A great saying that sums this up is, “show me your friends, and I’ll show you your future.”

Mocking God And Trampling On His Word

Have you noticed how many people today not only don’t know God, but how many are actively mocking God and Christianity? It reminds me of the way Jesus was mocked and disregarded as he was being crucified on the cross. It’s like Jesus is being crucified daily, over and over again. And to someone who

Honoring God’s Servants In Love

Today’s scripture reminds me of the time when I was at my uncle’s funeral. It was a catholic funeral, and we were instructed that if we could take communion if we were catholic, but if we were not that we should cross our arms and receive a blessing. This deeply disturbed me because nowhere in

God Made Us To Be Excellent

What a great verse to start off the day. Paul is encouraging the Thessalonian church to continue their walk with the Lord and to take their relationship to another level, to take their commitment to another level – to “do this more and more.” Paul is a true leader and motivator who loves those he

True Joy – Knowing Christ

In this chapter, Paul is writing to the church in Thessalonica and sharing with them the encouraging report that came back to him from Timothy who he had sent there in his place. Two great lessons here: (1) Paul is holding himself fully accountable to the result, even though he was not there and sent