Month: May 2019

Faith Over Fear

Simple, and so profound. When we trust in God, there is nothing to fear. Not even man can do anything to us that will affect us going to our true home in heaven if we love the Lord our God with all our heart, all our mind, and all our soul, and all our strength,

Our Defense From The Enemy Attack

Throughout our lives we are continually bombarded with temptation. It is especially easy today with technology and the ability of information to freely flow into our homes and lives. This greatly effects our agendas, our thinking, our attitudes and mindset, and our physical health. What are we to do? How are we to guard ourselves,

Being Ready – Daily Obedience

In Matthew 24, Jesus talks to us about end times. He knows that he is going away, so he provides instruction to his disciples to keep watch and to be diligent and faithful. He tells them to be ready, because the hour is not known. The first analogy Jesus uses is how everyone was carrying

One Teacher And His Name Is Jesus

In Matthew chapter 23 Jesus is warning the Pharisees that they have gone astray, and working to correct their behavior. Isn’t it interesting that men who dedicate their lives to God can still get so lost? You would think that the right answer is to turn to pastors and Pharisees for answers. But here we

Producing Fruit With Our Time And Tithes

Jesus was hungry so he approaches a fig tree while traveling back to Jerusalem. When he noticed that it had no fruit, but only leaves, he cursed it saying, “may you never bear fruit again.” Immediately the tree withered.” Then Jesus gives a parable about workers in the vineyard who disrespect the owner and family,

Thankfulness and Gratitude

In Psalm 106, David provides us a great reminder of the many miracles and kindness that God showed the Israelite’s, from the miracles of the plagues that convinced Pharaoh to bring them out of Egypt to the parting of the Red Sea. Yet the Israelite’s were constantly disobeying God and turning to idols. It didn’t