Halloween Candy Bag Scripture Toppers Free Download and Instructions

Here are our simple steps to downloading the Halloween Candy Bag Scripture Topper Labels (below):

Step 1: Download file and print out scriptures here:
Halloween Candy Bag Scripture Toppers Free Download

Step 2: Cut out along outer edge using guidelines for reference (each page has two scriptures/toppers)

Step 3: Fold in half and staple to the treat bag

Fold in half
staple to the treat bag

Pictured Below: Beautiful scripture verse and candy bag final product

image of finished product

God’s Word And Our Declaration
This Halloween, let us stand on God’s Word and declare that:

  • What the enemy intended for harm, God is going to use it for good, and for the glory of God (Genesis 50:20)
  • Each one of us can have an impact in our neighborhoods and communities by sharing the joy and love of Jesus Christ (Galatians 5:22)
  • God is looking for everyday Christians who will take a small step of obedience toward the great commission (Matthew 28:19-20) and in sharing the gospel (Mark 16:15)
  • God is looking for everyday Christians willing to honor and glorify His name this Halloween (Psalm 96:3)

Matthew 9:37 says, “The harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few.” So what can an everyday Christian like myself do?

Sowing Seed of Faith – A Platform For Sharing God’s Word
My prayer for you this Halloween is that you see the opportunity to use this day as a mission and platform for sharing the Word of God. My challenge for you is that you take action this year and join us in the “Handing Out Scripture Challenge”

Handing Out Candy Bag Scriptures
We made up some great scriptures that you can download and print out for free, and hand these out to people who come knocking at your door this Halloween. We do this for every bag of candy that we hand out. It is super easy, welcoming, and fun. Yet it is so powerful. And it is something that every single Christian can prepare in around 30 minutes.

Kingdom Impact
How many people are going to knock on our front door this Halloween who are lost, depressed, lonely, or otherwise hurting and needing the touch of God? How many scripture seeds can we plant this Halloween that can begin to take root in our neighborhoods and communities?

Saving Lives – Now Is The Time
The next few months between now and the end of the year have traditionally high suicide rates. How many seeds planted could save a life of a child or parent in your community?

And what better seed to sow this Halloween than God’s Word?

I call you blessed

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