The Love of a Father

All of the way up through death on the cross, Jesus was concerned for our salvation. He questioned if this is what people did while the tree was still green (i.e. while Jesus was still here on earth) what would they do when the tree is dry (how bad will it be when he is gone? – Luke 23:31). But Jesus knew his purpose, and he fulfilled his call. Jesus’s compassion for others even outweighed his personal physical pain. As he was being crucified…

“Jesus turned and said to them, ‘Daughters of Jerusalem, do not weep for me; weep for yourselves and for your children’. – Luke 23:28

I don’t know about you but I couldn’t say that I would subject myself to crucifixion for strangers, and most assuredly wouldn’t volunteer to do it for my enemies. The only scenario I could see doing this outside of self-protection would be for my wife or my children. As a father I would do anything for my kids, and if it would be to save their lives I’d certainly go to battle for them. But what about for my wife? Well of course! But I would also see this as self-preservation (1) because two become one when we are married, and (2) because if I didn’t she would kill me.

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So outside of my self-preservation, we would only endure this for our children by a father’s love. If you have kids you understand this. And the same is true with our Father in heaven for his children. Only by the love of a Father did he endure the suffering. This alone should be adequate proof of God our Father and His love for us. And only with the perspective of life in eternity, that Jesus suffering was for a moment but for the benefit of life eternal not only for himself but for all mankind. Jesus going home certainly changes our perspective of the crucifixion from sadness to one of glory and celebration.

And if that weren’t enough, Jesus left us with another gift. The gift is the Holy Spirit which is God in us. And we have access to this advocate, this same power and Spirit, when we draw close to Him by seeking him first. Isn’t God awesome? We serve an awesome God!

Dear heavenly Father, thank you for this Word and for sending your Son, Jesus Christ for us. We are overwhelmed by your power, goodness, and love. Guide us today in our thoughts, words, and deeds. Help us to be obedient to your will and walk in your ways. We receive you into our hearts this morning, and declare your blessings over our lives by the power of the Holy Spirit which is God in us, and through Jesus mighty name, Amen.


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