Month: June 2019

Protecting The Light In Us

Life is short. We only have so much time that God has blessed us with on this earth. We should make the most of it. Remember being young and ready to take on the world? Then life happens. Somehow the raging fire starts to dim. The devil and the troubles of this life try to

Crucial Conversations To Develop One Team

Today’s verse made me think about a book that I read a few years ago called “Crucial Conversations”. It’s a great book on communication and helps equip us to run straight at the problem, versus avoiding it and letting conflict fester. We all need to face conflict, just as we would want to rid our

Being Founded And Rooted in Love

God is love. If we are to be walking in God’s presence, then we should be walking in love. Like the roots of a tree that hold the tree secure, so is love that holds us secure. The deeper the roots, the stronger for the tree to not be uprooted and withstand the storms. The

How To Get Your Joy Back

The writer in Ecclesiastes starts off saying that basically everything in this life is meaningless. This is not altogether surprising when we only look at things from an earthly experience and mortal perspective. It is not altogether surprising if we do not understand and focus only on the natural and not the supernatural. To someone

Open The Eyes of My Heart

The book of Ephesians is so amazing. It is so dense in content and wisdom. As I read today’s scriptures, the one verse that really speaks to me today concerns opening the eyes of our hearts. Let’s do a quick exercise. Close your eyes for 30 seconds, then open them. Don’t continue reading until you

God Revealed Past and Present

Paul is closing out his letter to the Romans here and speaking about the gospel of Jesus Christ. He points out that the message has been “hidden for long ages past”, but is “now revealed… by the command of the eternal God”. Paul experienced God’s revelation. He was given divine insight that comes only from

The God of Hope And Surviving Dark Times

Sometimes life gets heavy. Situations get complex. Stress hits. A stressful relationship situation at home, stress at work due to timelines or politics, stress from fear of failure or due to health issues or a sudden death – there are all kinds of situations that can bring stress and sorrow into your life. These times